‘Israel’ arrests 5 Palestinians and orders to demolish houses of families of 4 prisoners

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- On the early morning of Friday, Israeli forces arrested four Palestinian young men, including a former prisoner, in the city of Jenin in the North of the West Bank in addition to another young man in occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said Israeli forces arrested Muhammad Fathi Mar’i, Salim Mar’i, and the former prisoner Ahmad Abdallah Sabah after storming the city of Jenin and breaking into the houses of their families.

Israeli forces also rearrested Fadi Faisal Smoudi after storming the village of Yamoun and breaking into the house of his family.

In the neighborhood of Silwan in the Palestinian capital, Israeli forces arrested Jameel Issa Abbasi after breaking into his house.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army delivered demolition notices for the families of the prisoners Mahmoud Atawneh, Waleed Khanatsheh, and Yazeen Mghames. It also delivered a demolition notice for the family of Ahmad Qanba’, whose house has been already demolished in 2018 but reconstructed.

The occupation state has been following the policy of punitive demolitions throughout all areas of historic Palestine since 1967. Over the years, the occupation state has demolished hundreds of houses as part of this policy, leaving thousands of Palestinians homeless.

Israeli officials claim that the house demolition policy is supposed to deter other Palestinians from planning or carrying out anti-occupation attacks, out of concern that their families’ homes would be demolished.

Israeli courts allowed the state to carry out punitive demolitions, dismissing the fact that home demolition constitutes collective punishment that is prohibited under international law.

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