‘Israel’ arrested 5500 Palestinian children since 2015

Ramallah (QNN)- Palestine Prisoners Center for studies on Saturday revealed that it documented 5500 arrests against children by the Israeli authorities since the start of the Jerusalem Intifada in October 2015.

The center stated in a statement that the Israelis have sharply increased their targeting of Palestinian children in the recent four years. It also confirmed that targeting children in shootings and arrests “is not random, however it is deliberate and it takes place upon orders by security and political officials.”

“The occupation provides coverage and protection for the soldiers, who kill, and for the Shin Bet interrogators, who arrest and assault children on daily basis”, it added.

“The Israeli authorities made arresting Palestinian children a primary goal, arresting thousands of them since the occupation of the Palestinian territories.”

The statement also stressed that the occupation state did not only arrest and torture children, it also deliberately issued hard and punitive court rules against them. Several Palestinian children were sent to administrative detention without any charges.

“There are three children, who have been subjected to renewable administrative detention. Meanwhile, there are several children, who are sentenced to house arrest and expulsion”, the statement added.

All those, who were arrested, were brutally beaten and put in very tough conditions during interrogation. They were also subjected to all types of assaults and physical and psychological torture.

The statement said the occupation state holds 210 Palestinian children in Israeli jails in very hard conditions.

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