“Israel” arrested 16500 Palestinian children since 2000

Ramallah (QNN)- New statistic revealed that “Israel” has arrested 16500 children since the beginning of the Palestinian Intifada -uprising- in 2000.

The statistical study, prepared by researcher in prisoners’ affairs Abdel Naser Farwaneh, revealed that the numbers of children prisoners have dramatically increased since the beginning of the Al Aqsa uprising in 28th September, 2000.

Farwaneh said that the annual rate of arrests among children reached 700 annual arrests between 2000- 2010. However, it has increased during the latest eight years to reach 1250 annual arrests.

Farwaneh stresses that all statistics and events confirm that “Israel” systematically targets Palestinian children and that children prisoners have conspicuously increased after 2000.

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