‘Israel’ arrested 120,000 Palestinians since Oslo accords

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces have arrested over 120,000 Palestinians since signing Oslo Accords in September 13, 1993.

Head of “Palestine behind bars” website, Abdel Naser Farwaneh, said in a press release that Israeli authorities have consistently adopted arrests policy and used it as punitive measure or to humiliate Palestinians.

Farwaneh also noted that arrests have become part of Israel’s policy to control Palestinians as they became the most repressing and humiliating method against Palestinians.

Farwaneh stressed that arrests have never stopped, even after signing Oslo Accords. Israeli authorities have even built more jails ever since.

During the period between 1993 and 2000, numbers of arrests were dropped, however they dramatically increased after 2000.

The arrests included all society segments throughout all areas of occupied Palestine. 2000 ladies and girls and nearly 17500 children have been detained since Oslo accords.

Israeli authorities also arrested over half of the members of the legislative council in addition to ministers and hundreds of academics, journalists, and workers in NGOs and international organizations.

He also stressed that there is a hateful correlation between arrests and torture. All Palestinians, who were arrested, were subjected at least once to physical or psychological torture or cruel treatment.

107 prisoners have passed away in Israeli jails due to torture and medical negligence since Oslo Accords.

Israel detains now nearly 5700 Palestinians, including 220 children, 38 females, and 500 under administrative detention.

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