Islamic Jihad calls for Arab and Muslim nations to support Palestinian resistance

Gaza (QNN) – The Secretary General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad called on Sunday for the Arab and Muslim nations to stand united in support of resistance in Palestine, Quds Press has reported. Ziyad Al-Nakhala accused the Arab regimes of failing the Palestinians and serving the US and the Israeli occupation state.

Al-Nakhala made his comments during a political programme arranged by the Arab National Conference, the Islamic National Conference, the General Conference of the Arab Parties and the International Jerusalem Foundation in Beirut. He stressed that the Palestinians reject the ongoing “conspiracy” being plotted against them which includes “offering the whole of Palestine to the Zionist project.”

“Surely,” Al-Nakhala added, “many people have a lot to say about how to confront the Zionist project, but today we have to stand united and announce the support of resistance.”

The senior official warned of campaigns targeting legitimate resistance against the military occupation in favour of the “Zionist entity”. He noted that the resistance is developing its abilities and “will not hold back on any efforts to defend Palestine, whatever the cost is.”

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