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India to buy Israeli surveillance drones and anti-tank missiles

New Delhi (QNN)- India announced it is planning to buy Heron surveillance drones and fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missiles Spike from the occupation state of Israel.

It said it aims at enhancing its surveillance and firepower capability at a time when the tensions with China are at all-time high.

Meanwhile, the Army is also looking to buy more Spike anti-tank guided missiles from Israel which it got last year under the emergency financial powers granted to the services in the Post-Balakot air strikes scenario.

India-Israeli relations were marked by weakness under Nehru and Indira Gandhi, as new Delhi played a pivotal role in the “non-aligned” bloc, but it turned into close cooperation in various areas after 1992, the history of formal diplomatic relations between the two sides, and consolidated into India’s primary source of military imports.

Human rights activists and watchdogs have repeatedly slammed the inhumane treatment of both ‘Israel’ and Idia towards Palestinians and citizens of Kashmir.

India is the largest buyer of Israeli military equipment while the occupation state is the second-largest weapons supplier to India after Russia.

The Israeli-Indian relationships have tightened following the ascendant of the radical right and the election of the Narendra Modi.

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