In Videos| ‘Israel’ prevents Palestinian mother from visiting her son in jail and arrests her instead

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces arrested a Palestinian mother from occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday when she was getting ready to visit her son, who is jailed at the Negev desert jail.

The Committee of Jerusalem Prisoners’ Families said in a statement that the Israeli forces arrested Iman A’war this morning after breaking into her house in Silwan, Jerusalem, and also arrested her other son Jebril.

The committee added that the father of Muhammad A’war, who has been jailed for two years so far, has been also jailed for three weeks at the Maskubiyyeh interrogation center in West Jerusalem.

The mother, as well as families of other prisoners from the same city, was supposed to visit her son today as Palestinian prisoners have been denied visitations for four months because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, being arrested, she will not be able to see her son.

In the same vein, Israeli forces arrested children between 15 and 17 years old from Silwan in the occupied capital city. The children have been identified as Adam Siyam, Amer Siyam, Mahdi Khaddour, and Sultan Shweiki.

The children were arrested after breaking into their houses.

Four other young Palestinians were also arrested in the old city and in Issawiyyeh after brutally beating them. Local sources stated that a verbal dislobe between the young men and Israeli policemen turned into a fight, where the Israeli policemen used their batons and tasers against the defenseless young men.

In Issawiyyeh, violent confrontations erupted between locals and Israeli forces, who used tear gas and stun canisters as well as bullets against civilians.

The confrontations erupted after a group of Israeli undercover forces broke into the neighborhood and kidnapped the Palestinian child Abdullah Mahmoud after beating him.

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