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In Video| Trump accuses American Jews of dual loyalty

Las Vegas (QNN)- US President Donald Trump told a group of American Jews that Benjamin Netanyahu was “your prime minister” Saturday, appearing to conflate Jews and Israelis.

Trump was speaking to Jewish Republicans — including Sheldon Adelson, the American casino magnate who is one of Netanyahu’s biggest donors — and his mistake was greeted with cheers.

Sheldon Adelson in the front row during Trump⁩ speech

Later in his address to the Republican Jewish Coalition gathering, Trump referred a second time to American Jews as if they were Israelis by saying that a victory for Democrats in the 2020 election “would cripple our country and very well could leave Israel out there all by yourselves.”

Several journalists expressed discomfort as Trump went on to suggest that his Jewish supporters should explain “to some of your people” in business and finance that they should stop opposing his imposition of tariffs on imported goods.

Trump’s comments came as he accused Democrats of allowing anti-Semitism to “take root” in their party following statements by Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar on AIPAC and its influence on the US. policies, which were described as anti-Semitic.

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