In Video| Settlers and IOF team up to attack Jerusalemites leaving injuries and arrests

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Groups of Israeli soldiers and settlers arrested four Palestinian young men in the neighborhood of Bet El Hawa in southern Jerusalem following a settlers’ attack at the residents of the neighborhood.

Silwan Information Center reported that altercations between guards of illegal settlers and the residents of the neighborhood took place last night before turning to a fight, in which the settlers randomly opened fire at the residents.

The settlers, according to the center, called on the Israeli army, which arrived in few minutes to support the settlers. Israeli soldiers attacked native Palestinians, beating them and throwing stun grenades at them.

The settlers held a young man, who was identified as Adam Abu Rmouz, and brutally beat him before handing him over to the Israeli soldiers while he was bleeding.

Members of the Israeli police carried out an arrest campaign against the residents and summoned many of them for interrogation.

Several injuries with the shrapnel of stun grenades and beating have been reported.

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