In Video| Palestinian resistance threatens to hamper Israel’s Eurovision

Gaza (QNN)- Palestinian resistance factions on Monday threatened the Israeli occupation state of preventing it from organizing Eurovision event in “Tel Aviv” if Israel fails to adhere to the recent understandings with the Palestinian resistance, which would lead to an end of the Israeli siege on the Gaza strip.

The video shows scenes from the contest’s ad, which is supposed to be held coinciding with the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakbah. After that an aerial photo of the event’s locations appear with sound of sirens and a message in Hebrew reading “adhere to the understandings so that you can have parties”.

Human rights activists described Israel’s host of Eurovision 2019 as a shameful use of the event to distract attention from its war crimes against Palestinians.

Over 271 Palestinians were killed and 16,000 injured in Gaza only during last year, while Palestinians in the besieged strip suffer from severe humanitarian condition, being deprived from their right to travel and move, not mentioning the very tough conditions in the West Bank and Jerusalem, where Palestinians suffer from daily executions and arrests.

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