In Video| Locals succeed to save life of wounded child despite of Israeli’s guns pointed at them

Bethlehem (QNN)- Palestinian residents of Taqqu’ village in Bethlehem succeeded on Thursday to release a child, who was shot by Israeli soldiers earlier, and save his life.

The Palestinian child was shot with live bullets in the thigh following confrontations with occupation soldiers in the West Bank village of Taqqu’.

Israeli occupation soldiers tried to arrest the 16-year-old child and handcuffed him, but he tried to run away, so they shot him at a close range, causing an injury in his thigh.

Local residents succeeded to release the child although of the Israeli threats, and they took him to a hospital in Bethlehem.

Medical sources said that the injury of the child is serious, as it caused the femoral artery to be ruptured, which made him lose a lot of blood.

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