In Video| Israeli police steals mosque furniture while Jewish fanatics call for mass raid into Al Aqsa

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Extremist Jewish groups called Israelis to participate in mass raids into the Al Aqsa mosque on Sunday. Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces broke into the Mercy prayer room at the holy mosque and committed vandalism.

Extremist Jewish groups published ads on social media platforms, calling for mass raids into the holy mosque on Sunday.

The Israeli calls come as a punitive measure against Palestinians after an Israeli policeman was wounded during an Israeli attack on Palestinian young men, causing one of them to be killed and another to be seriously wounded.

In the same context, Israeli occupation forces last night broke into the Mercy prayer room at the Al Aqsa mosque and confiscated furniture.

Eyewitnesses revealed that Israeli policemen broke into the Mercy prayer room and confiscated wooden cabinets, while preventing guards and worshipers from filming them. One guard was forced to delete a video he filmed of the policemen stealing furniture.

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