In Video| Israeli bulldozers carry out further demolitions in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli vehicles started this morning demolishing structures and bulldozing land in Silwan in southern occupied Jerusalem, paving the way to the bulldozers that demolished a house in the holy city later on.

Member of the committee for the defense of Silwan lands, Fakhri Abu Dyab, stated that Israeli vehicles stormed the neighborhood on Tuesday early to pave the way for other vehicles, which were supposed to demolish the house of Mu’tasem Abbasi, under the pretext of building without permission.

Abbasi told QNN Israeli teams demolished a wall and a barn in a nearby land to allow heavy machinery reach the Abbasi’s house.

“By demolitions, the occupation is trying to distract attention from its Judaization plans in Jerusalem, like the cable car plan”, Abbasi said.

“They wreak havoc to scare native Jerusalemites and weaken them through their continuous assaults”, he added.

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