In Video| “Israel stole my childhood and I must get it back”, said a Palestinian child

Gaza (QNN)- A video footage of a brave Palestinian child called Izziddin Samsoum (12 years old) rushing to save the life of a wounded protester during Gaza’s weekly protests, has swept social media.

The video shows a wounded protester, shot by Israeli snipers near the separation barrier during the weekly protest in Gaza. No one appears able to help him, however, a young child rushes to help, not caring to the Israeli snipers, who were stationed nearby.

The moment the child “Izziddin Samsoum” arrives, he takes his T-shirt off to help dress the wound of the protester and tries to stop the bleeding before a group of Palestinian young men approach and help evacuate the wounded protester.

The 12-year-old child told QNN that ‘Israel’ has stolen his childhood and he has been trying to bring it back. He also said that “he rushed to help the wounded protester because he himself had been wounded before near the separation barrier and no one could reach him at the time to help”.

“No one of the protesters could reach the man, so I rushed to him and took my shirt off then put it on his hand then tried to pull him out with other three men”, he said.

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