In Video| Al Manar satellite channel airs footage of Hezbollah strike on Israeli moving military vehicle

Beirut (QNN)- The Lebanese-based Hezbollah armed group released footage Monday on its Al Manar television network showing an attack on the Israeli army’s Avivim base on the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

‘Israel’ claimed there were no casualties among Israeli troops, however the new footage clearly shows a moving military vehicle being struck while driving on a highway.

The video shows Avivim settlement which was constructed in the Palestinian village of Salha and the military base which was abandoned by the Israeli occupation troops shortly before Hezbollah attack.

Two empty Israeli personnel-carriers appear in the footage, which were meant to fool Hezbollah. Civilian vehicles also appear on the highway road, in which the targeted vehicle was driving.

According to the footage two Kornet missiles were fired at the Israeli military vehicle from two positions to make sure that the target was hit.

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