In the name of justice

By Jan Darmovzal

The United States of America has arranged for an anti-Iran conference in Warsaw which took place on the 13th and 14th of February. Iran was supposed to be the main subject of this conference alongside Palestine. Both of these geo-political challenges seem to have added many wrinkles to American administration since both have remained largely unresolved, but rather the contrary. Iranian growing influence in the Middle East and the so called Deal of the Century” (peace settlement between Palestinians and Israelis) were the two central topics of the conference. Understandably, neither Iranian nor Palestinian officials took part in this shenanigan. Why should they be listening to the obnoxious representatives of the United States and Israel? Americans have been mistreating Iran for long decades, since the administration of president Eisenhower who toppled the democratically elected government in Iran headed by Dr. Mossadegh in 1953.

The Americans have not shown any goodwill by admitting their mistake of overstepping in the past, or by showing that they are willing to take a different approach now – one that is more fair and less intrusive. Instead, they imposed multiple sanctions on Iran. These sanctions are not as much cancerous for Iran as they are for the global reputation of the United States and its ally, Israel. To be clear on this issue, American sanctions against Iran are supposed to be the “toughest” in the history, but looking at the geopolitical map of the Middle East one can clearly see that Iranian influence is boosting as never before be it in Lebanon, Syria or Iraq. On top of that, Iran has become a real super power in terms of domestic weapons production and it´s defensive ballistic missile program is incredibly successful. Iran is completely self-sufficient not only in the area of defense but also in civil engineering, energy and food production. These are the only results of the ill-minded language of sanctions favored by United States and Israel.

Similarly disastrous are the American efforts to bring peace between Palestine and Israel. Trump´s administration has proved that it has no interest in being a fair mediator in this long-standing conflict. Instead, American leaders voluntarily labelled their country “Israel mercenaries” for their continued and unconditional diplomatic support they have been providing to Israel. Readers should know and bear in mind that this diplomatic support shields Israel from being condemned and tried for endless human rights violations, countless breaches of international law and war crimes against Palestinians, both in Gaza and West bank. These vicious acts Israeli soldiers are daily committing the world clearly sees and will surely not let the corrupt and disillusioned characters of Zionist leaders and their devoted servants in the United States to take over principles of justice, human dignity, morality and respect for the rule of law.

International community has been silent and defenseless long enough perhaps because out of its respect for the United States or perhaps because out of fear. Would there be economic, political or other consequences if any country attempted to challenge United States on this issue? Respect and fear make a powerful combination that discourages many. We need to keep in mind though that human rights of other people who have been living under brutal occupation for more than fifty years and who struggles for their lives on daily basis are neither negotiable nor exchangeable for any economic or other benefits.

We have long been brainwashed that Palestinian people have adopted terrorist practices….and many people around the globe have believed it unfortunately. The real terrorism that kills everybody regardless of gender or age, tortures and attacks everything Palestinian remains uncovered, unpunished and by some even approved. This terrorism is committed by the Jewish state and it is the Jewish state that needs to be brought before justice for all those atrocities it has committed since 1948.

In summary, to a sound and observant person it must be clear that American Middle Eastern policy has greatly failed and except for increased brutality with which IOF (Israeli Offence Forces) soldiers treat Palestinians and for increased donations to Israeli defense budget (roughly 3.5 billion USD every year) brought literally nothing good. Some countries including Ireland and Chile have taken concrete steps to let the Israeli leaders know that the current way of treating Palestinians is unacceptable and will not be tolerated anymore. Israel has never really been willing to accept the establishment of a viable Palestinian state in the area of the West bank with East Jerusalem as its capital. Instead Israel has been pursuing activities that are in sharp contradiction with International law. Furthermore, Israel is not responsive to resolutions passed by the UN Security Council and is turning a blind eye on a number of reports produced by human right organizations.

Israel with its criminal conduct doesn’t give international community many options on how to react to the current situation. Disrespect to all credible institutions that rightfully criticize Israel for its conduct and instead are baselessly labelled as anti-Semitic is unprecedented and worrying. As much as the world would prefer diplomatic settlement to the conflict, Israel has never shown any willingness towards real negotiations with Palestinians (for example: make concrete steps towards establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the full area of the West bank with East Jerusalem as its capital). Instead Israel continues to build illegal settlements, expropriating Palestinian land, demolishing houses and otherwise trampling on their legitimate rights.

It is now the right time for the International community to firmly let Israel know that shall it choose to continue its criminal and apartheid policies towards Palestinians, economic sanctions will be applied and diplomatic ties cut with immediate effect.

In conclusion, American symbiotic relationship with Israel has been very harmful to its national interests. Although American and Israeli national interests might seem nearly identical they have never been more different and requiring diametrically different approaches. Strong support for Israel despite its countless grave violations of International law when it pleases has harmed American reputation worldwide as an impartial and honest peace broker between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel has tried to put on veil of “the only democracy in the Middle East” which is a good joke at best considering its implementation of Nation State Law that truly shows its apartheid tendencies. Real terrorism threat that the Middle East faces comes neither from Iran nor Palestine as Netanyahu is fervently trying to convince delegates in Warsaw these days. It comes from the occupying power – Israel.

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