In Pictures| Israeli forces vandalizes the Bdeirs’ house

Bethlehem (QNN)- Several members of Bdeir family suffer from slight to moderate wounds due to assaults by an Israeli forces, which broke into their house in Aida refugee camp in occupied Bethlehem on the first day of Eid last Wednesday.

Farouq Bdeair told QNN that large numbers of Israeli soldiers and police dogs broke into their house on the dawn of the first day of Eid after exploding the doors and windows, then started assaulting the family members.

Farouq said that the Israeli authorities escalated its attacks against the family; Israeli soldiers constantly break into their house and three of his brothers spent different periods in Israeli jails.

Israeli soldiers assaulted the 56-year-old father Ma’moun Bdeir, who is already injured. “They shackled my father’s hands and legs to a small chair, then a soldier started kicking him”, Farouq said.

When the mother woke up on the screaming voices, she was attacked by a soldier and thrown to the ground before dogs attack her, according to Farouq.

After assaults ad vandalism, the soldiers asked about Farouq’s 19-year-old brother Yassin, who is a former political prisoner. When he introduced himself they started beating him on the head before they take him.

The soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded all seven family members before holding them all in the bathroom.

the mother was evacuated to hospital as soon as the soldiers left, meanwhile the father suffers from injuries in his neck and face.

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