In Pictures| Halawani: The Israelis are stalking me like bats to arrest me

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces continue routine raids into the house of Hanadi al Halawani, a Palestinian woman activist who has stood up against the provocative raids of Israeli forces and settlers to the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

On Thursday, Israeli forces stormed Halawani’s house and vandalized it after assaulting Halawani’s children.

Halaawani posted on Instagram picture of the Israeli raid and said: “It seems that staying at the Silsila gate [of Al Aqsa mosque] for worship annoys the occupiers. It deprives them of comfort and makes them use large groups of soldiers”.

“They did not only order to evict me and prevent me of travel, however a large number of Israeli soldiers stormed the house today at afternoon. They intimidated my children, vandalized the house, and confiscated many stuff”, she added.

Halawani said that the Israeli police sent a group to her husband’s work, taking him home so that he turns her in. “They have been stalking me like bats trying to arrest me”, she said.

Halawani was first evicted from the Al Aqsa mosque in 212, however a series of eviction orders came after that.

Whenever she is evicted, Halawani keeps visiting the mosques gates to pray or prepare Maqloubeh to eat it with her family and other evicted worshipers.

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