In pictures | Faces of children killed by IOF in Gaza appear in Tel Aviv

Occupied Palestine (QNN) – Pictures of Palestinian children killed by Israeli snipers during the Great Return March protests in Gaza have been hung in Tel Aviv streets by “Jews for Return” group on Thursday, March 7, 2019.

The Jewish Israeli, Anti Zionist, activists responded to a call from Gazan organizations who hoped that the faces of the children killed would awaken the Israeli conscience. The texts on the posters were written in both English and Hebrew languages.

Some of the passersby expressed shock at the deaths of innocent children, and some slashed the children’s pictures erasing most of their faces and the text describing who they are.

The posters showed six Palestinian children who were shot and killed by IOF in Gaza without endangering anyone. The children are Ahmad Abu Abed, Abdel Raouf Salha (14), Hassan Shalabi (14), Yosef Aldia (14), Hassan Nofal (17), and Hamza Ishtawi (17).

A recent UN investigation stated that Israel’s killings of Gaza protesters “may” amount to war crimes. The independent Commission of Inquiry investigators accused IOF of intentionally firing on civilians, including “journalists, health workers, children and persons with disabilities, knowing they were clearly recognizable as such

Israeli occupation forces killed more than 260 civilians who participated in the Great March of Return since the demonstrations began in March 2018.

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