In Pictures and Video| Sheikh Ikrima Sabri confronts Israel’s Al Aqsa ban

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Head of the Supreme Islamic Commission in Jerusalem, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, on Friday confronted the Israeli decision to ban him from entry into Al Aqsa mosque.

QNN reporter stated that Sheikh Sabri, supported by worshipers and lawyers, entered the holy mosque from Al Asbat gate and challenged the Israeli ban, which was based on a sermon by Sabri, in which he called out occupation.

After confrontations with Israeli police at Al Asbat gate, the worshipers succeeded to enter the holy mosque carrying Sheikh Sabri on their shoulders and raising Takbir chants.

The Israeli authorities had banned Sheikh Sabri from entry into the holy mosque and from making any sermons although he had been preaching at Al Aqsa for 47 years so far.

The Israeli authorities had issued over 55 ban orders against Palestinians from Jerusalem and other cities of the occupied land this year.

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