In Pictures| Again, Hamas hacks hundreds of Israeli soldiers’ phones

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Israeli occupation army announced on Sunday that during the last few months, it detected efforts by Hamas to hack cell phones of Israeli soldiers.

The hacks were based on communication on social media, tempting the soldiers to install Malign Applications on their phones.

A statement by the Israeli army mentioned that, in cooperation with the so-called “general security services”, it succeeded to thwart a successful first-of-its-kind technological attack by Hamas servers, which aimed at communicating and collecting information about Israeli soldiers.

The army consequently decided to summon hundreds of its soldiers, who were targeted in the operation, for interrogation.

Hamas has expanded its capacity to include a wider range of Israelis. Hamas also used social media platforms for the first time ever to communicate with the targeted soldiers.

The hackers sent female voice messages to the soldiers to allay their doubts.

The hackers used three applications, which were described as apps for photo sharing: “Catch&See”, “ZatuApp”, “GrixyApp”.

After any of the applications gets installed, it connects to Hamas’ servers then starts to automatically send the device’s data.

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