Illegal settlement to be constructed next to US embassy in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli vehicles started during the last few days to build the basis of a new illegal settlement, which is planned to be constructed on grabbed land from the village of Sour Baher in southern occupied Jerusalem.

The new settlement will be called “Arnona hillside”, referring to “Arnona neighborhood”, located to the West of Sour Baher, which was founded in 1948 when ‘Israel’ was created.

The new settlement will be completely built outside the Israeli apartheid wall. It will include 1800 settlement units, including buildings, towers, and even villas, which will be constructed on an area of 250 dunums.

The new illegals settlement will be built next to the US embassy, which was moved to Jerusalem two years ago.

Israeli authorities had decided to build 400 units for Palestinians after it was criticized of building for Jews only. However, the 400 units shrank to 220 units before the projects disappeared from the Israeli to-do list.

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