Ilhan Omar hits back at Netanyahu after AIPAC comments

(QNN) – Ilhan Omar has hit back at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after he rebuked her comments about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

The Democrat congresswoman responded to a line from the prime minister’s speech at an event held by the lobbying group in which he rebuked her statement that stirred controversy and forced an anti-Semitism resolution in the US House of Representatives.

“This from a man facing indictments for bribery and other crimes in three separate public corruption affairs,” Omar wrote in a tweet, referring to Netanyahu.

“Next!” She added.

On her Twitter account, Omar has been sharing a series of responding tweets that shed the light on the world’s latest viral news that the Israeli PM chose to ignore in his speech.

Omar wrote that AIPAC’s membership or the country it advocates for isn’t why she criticized the organization.

“I’ve criticized it because it has repeatedly opposed efforts to guarantee peace and human rights in the region,” she added.

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