IJ addressing ‘Israel’: You need to choose between going to shelters or ending Gaza siege

Death is knocking at the doors of everyone in Gaza without mercy and we will not die alone.

Damascus (QNN)- The leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, Ziad Nikhalah, said on Sunday that “the enemy shall choose between going to shelters, and the consequences of that, and ending the siege [on Gaza] and releasing our prisoners.”

In a press statement, Nikhalah warned of the Israeli ongoing besiegement of the Gasa strip. “Death is firmly and without mercy knocking at the doors of everyone there [in Gaza]”, he said.

“What we say is that we will not die alone. Zionist leaders should realize that the continuation of the besiegement and the propaganda that ‘Israel’ is safe will not work”, he added.

Nikhalah assured that “the resistance can any time take the initiative to defend the Palestinian people and fight for a dignified life for our people and prisoners.”

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