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Hundreds take part in funeral of slain Beita resident Imad Dweikat

Occupied Nablus (QNN)- Hundreds of citizens took part in the funeral of Imad Dweikat (38 years old) today. Dweikat, a father of five children, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers today.

The funeral marched from Irfedia hospital in Nablus towards the house of the victim to allow his family to have a final look at him before he was buried.

the participants chanted slogans against occupation. “Towards Jerusalem we will go.. millions of us” and “We die so that Palestine lives”, chanted the participants.

Imad Dweikat (38 years old), a father of five children, the youngest of them is only two months old.

Dweikat is Beita’s sixth victim since the start of the Israeli actions to build a settlement outpost on Sabih mountain.

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