Human Rights NGO: ‘Israel’ committed 38 violations on freedom of the press last month

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Last July has seen dramatic increase in the Israeli assaults on the Palestinian freedom of the press comparing to the month before, meanwhile Facebook continued to remove pages and accounts of journalists and News websites, reported a Palestinian human rights NGO.

The Palestinian Centre for Development &Media Freedoms (MADA) has documented 38 assaults on Palestinian press; 18 by Israel, 4 by Palestinian officials, and 16 by Facebook.

The Israeli assaults are reported to be the most dangerous, as they pose a threat on the journalists’ lives.

In last July, photojournalist Sami Masran was shot by Israeli soldiers with an explosive bullet, which made him lose eyesight. Masran was also shot in the beginning of the same month with a rubber-coated metal bullet but he was not hurt as the bullet hit press vest.

Photojournalist Muhammad Arbid was also shot in his thigh, journalist Safinaz Louh shot with a rubber-coated metal bullet in her shoulder, cameraman Mahmoud Abu Msallam shot with a rubber-coated metal bullet in his leg, Al Ghad channel correspondent Khaled Bdeir hit by a tear gas in his abdomen, AFP correspondent Jaafar Ishtayyeh shot with a rubber-coated metal bullet in his thigh, journalist Omar Omour shot with a tear gas in his back, journalist Ayat Arqawi shot with a tear gas in her waist, Euro Press photojournalist Abdel Hafiz Hashlamoun assaulted by Israeli soldiers, WAFA photojournalist Hasan Wahwah got beaten by Israeli soldiers, and finally Director of the Palestinian Radio and Television Ahmad Ba’jawi got arrested.

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