Human Rights groups slam Israel’s ban of travel against Palestinian journalist

Nablus (QNN)- The Israeli occupation authorities arrested Palestinian female journalist Majdulin Hassouneh from Tulkarem in northern occupied West Bank while she was going back home through the Karameh border crossing few days ago.

The Israeli authorities have summoned Hassouneh after she got engaged to her colleague journalist Muhammad Khairi. They were supposed to travel to Turkey together, as they were both working at TRT Turkish channel.

Hassouneh’s family told QNN that she went to the Israeli intelligence centre in Huwwarah for the third time after being summoned, however they keep refusing to meet her to keep he waiting and prevent her from traveling.

Hassouneh’s fiance said that “they eventually aim at silencing us all and silence everyone in Palestine. How shameful for a country, which claims being democratic, to chase a female journalist.”

Skyline for Human Rights slammed the Israeli summoning of Hassouneh on August 21 after few days of being banned from traveling through the Karamh border crossing.

General secretary of Skyline for Human Rights, Muath Hamed, said that the Israeli travel ban is an Israeli policy to put pressure on the Palestinians and punish them. It is also routinely used to assault journalists.

Palestinian journalists are being subjected to continuous assaults by Israel to repress journalism. the Committee on Freedom at the Palestinian Press Association revealed 2 days ago that Israel targeted 144 Palestinian journalists with attacks using bullets, tear gas and stun grenades, arrests, and equipment damaging or confiscating. Thee Israeli attacks are designed to cause as much harm as it’s possible, according to the association.

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