Human Rights groups: ‘Israel’ commits crimes against civilians in Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- The International Commission for Supporting Palestinian Human Rights (ICSPR) said that the occupation state escalated its crimes against Palestinian civilians. Meanwhile, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor warned that the Israeli escalation would cause further crimes against civilians in Gaza.

ICSPR stated in press releases that the occupation state started the escalation when it committed its first crime, murdering the citizen: Bahaa Abu Al-Ataya (42 years), commander of the Eastern Province in Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, in the same time of targeting the house of the leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, Mr.: Akram Al-Ajouri, in the Syrian capital, killing his son, and bombing a number of civilian facilities, apartments and residential buildings, resulting in injuring a number of Palestinian civilians.

“ICSPR condemns in the strongest possible terms the ongoing Israeli escalation and targeting of Palestinian civilians and their civilian property in the Gaza Strip and intimidating them, and confirms that the escalation violates the international law and fears it to be a prelude to a wider and more comprehensive aggression.”

The group also affirmed the Palestinians’ right to resist and defend themselves.

“…and stresses the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation, and warnings of the increasing escalation of crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, which threatens to cause more casualties.”

The ICSPR urged the United Nations to “take immediate action to force the Israeli occupation forces to halt their operations and escalation of hostilities on the Gaza Strip, which target towns, villages and camps without discrimination.”

It also deplored the inability of the international community to stop the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

In the same context, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor stated that its teams monitored dozens of Israeli strikes that killed Palestinian civilians and damaged houses and infrastructures.

It also stated that the Israelis closed all border crossings and shrank the fishing zone in the strip to 6 nautical miles only, depriving civilians of their basic needs and collectively punishing them.

The group held the Israeli authorities responsible for the escalation and stated that it sees the Israeli attacks on Gaza “a reflection of its [Israel’s] impunity”.

“The Israeli army has a long history of human rights violations, including war crimes and crimes against humanity”.

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