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Human Rights group reveals names of Palestinians arrested in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh (QNN)- A Palestinian human rights group revealed names of Palestinians arrested in Saudi Arabia and called on Saudi authorities to release them.

In a detailed report, the Palestinian association for human rights (Witness) revealed that dozens of Palestinians arrested in Saudi Arabia are in very inhumane conditions and they are subjected to all kinds of physical and psychological torture.

The report stated that wide-range arrest campaign carried out by the Saudi security, led by general Abdil Aziz Hweirini, targeted dozens of Palestinians, who have been residing in Saudi Arabia for decades.

The arrests came after some of them sent financial aid for their families and people in need in Gaza, occupied West Bank, and Jerusalem, according to families of the prisoners.

Despite of the fact that the arrests campaign started intensively last February, ‘Witness’ did not issue its report immediately due to the lack of information and fears by prisoners’ families of punitive response by the Saudi authorities against them if they provide their statements.

The group revealed an initial list of prisoners and conditions of detention.

‘Witness’ demanded Saudi authorities to immediately release and compensate all prisoners, who have been detained with no clear charges.

The group also urged international groups to take an action and pressure on Saudi authorities, which practice physical and psychological torture against detainees.

It also urged president of the Palestinian authorities and king of Jordan to interfere and end the suffering of the detainees and their families.

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