Human Rights group: ‘Israel’ arrested 2600 Palestinians in 6 months

Ramallah (QNN)- Palestine Prisoners Centre for Studies documented over 2600 arrests against Palestinians during the firs half of 2019.

The centre said that the arrests targeted 410 children and 70 women. 94 arrests took place in Gaza, and mostly included fishermen.

‘Israel’ also arrested 4 members in the Palestinian legislative council, some of whom already spent long periods in the Israeli jails.

70 women were also arrested, most of whom from occupied Jerusalem and the youngest is Walaa Gheith (16 years old) from Hebron. Another female prisoners is Alia Khatib, who was directly shot in her leg before being arrested.

Sabha Maghamreh was arrested during a visit to her imprisoned husband, while the mother of Hamdi Rummaneh was also arrested during a visit to her imprisoned son.

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