Human rights center calls for pressuring ‘Israel’ to stop violations against Palestinian female prisoners

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The head of the Prisoners Center for Studies, Ra’fat Hamdouneh, on Monday called on human rights and international organizations to put pressure on the occupation state to stop its violations against 43 Palestinian female prisoners in Israeli jails.

Hamdouneh said in a press conference that the Israeli Prisons Service (IPS) commits countless violations against female prisoners, including medical negligence, raids, denial of essential needs, and ill-treatment during the arrest and interrogation.

He added that the IPS continues to impose fines on the female prisoners, prevent family visits, practice torture, and deliberately jail them with Israeli criminals, who never stop their assaults as well.

Some prisoners were also prevented from taking High School (Tawjihi) and college tests. They were also prevented from having books or new clothes, according to Hamdouneh.

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