Huge crowds in Gaza join funeral of three Palestinians killed by IOF

Gaza (QNN)- Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza joined on Sunday the funeral of three Palestinians, who were killed on last night by Israeli forces in northern Beit Lahya in northern Gaza.

The funeral of Mahmoud Walaydeh (24 years old), Muhammad Abu Namous (27 years old), Muhammad Taramsi (26 years old) started from the Indonesian hospital then stopped at the houses of each martyr before praying the Islamic funeral prayer and burying them among outrage of the Israeli crime.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza declared on Sunday that the bodies of the three martyrs were recovered after the Israeli attack, which killed them.

Spokesperson for the Israeli occupation army has said that Israeli forces spotted a group of Palestinians, who were “suspected to be armed”. A helicopter and a tank targeted them while they were in the Palestinian side of the border.

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