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‘Hey Boston! Thanks for the guns!’ ads against US aid to ‘Israel’ in the streets of Boston

Boston (QNN)- A Palestinian solidarity group in Boston, Massachusetts posted ads opposing US military aid to the occupation state in bus kiosks throughout the city, according to Mondoweiss.

Richard Colbath-Hess, who has placed Palestinian solidarity ads in Boston in the past, says that the group doing this action is anonymous because such ads are banned, and these ads were placed in kiosks in guerrilla manner, swapped out for existing ads.

Members of the Center for Accurate Reporting on Palestine issued a press release stating that they “replaced advertisements for commercial products with posters explaining that the good people of Boston lose out on social programming, education, and clean energy because $11 million of this city’s taxes go towards buying guns for Israel every single year.”

The group praised the recent Democratic support for conditioning US. military aid to the occupation state and stated that it goes “in accordance with U.S. law, specifically the Leahy Law which states that “No assistance shall be furnished…to any security forces of a foreign country if the Secretary of State has credible information that such unit has committed gross violations of human rights.””

“The majority of Democratic Party voters now support ending or conditioning military aid to Israel because of its ongoing war crimes and human rights violations against Palestinians.”

The group called on having a public debate on the topic as most mainstream news publications share the Israeli narrative, “preferring to lionize Israel even as its military shoots protesters, bombs civilians, and attacks human rights advocates.”

“We hope that their message has been seen and absorbed because the millions of dollars of military aid to Israel that is subsidized by Boston taxpayers could be spent in much better ways. We could hire 141 teachers in our public schools, or help 7,574 people who need food assistance. We could give out 1,960 Pell Grants to support access to higher education, or give 4,807 children health insurance. We could subsidize 154 jobs in the clean energy sector. Frankly, we could flush all $11 million of it down the toilet, and it would still be put to better use than it is now”, the group said.

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