“Hate is what unites our camp”, says Netanyahu aide in leaked recording

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A leaked recording of Netanyahu’s senior aide, Natan Eshel, surfaced. Eshel was recorded saying that “hate is what unites” the right-wing camp led by the Likud party and that negative campaigning works well on “non-Ashkenazi voters”, reported the Times of Israel.

Eshel, a former Netanyahu chief of staff who resigned amid accusations of sexual misconduct, continues to work in Netanyahu’s campaign.

In the leaked recording, Eshel discusses the party’s campaign strategy with an unnamed person whom he is trying to recruit as a political adviser.

In the tape, Eshel says that Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s decision to indict Netanyahu in three corruption cases actually helped the premier in his campaign. “He went up by 20 percent” Eshel recalls.

“If you haven’t stolen, what exactly have you come [into politics] for? We’ve checked this. And to my shock, they [the public] do not understand [this notion] of going into politics to do what’s good for the nation. You go into politics in order to steal and you need to be a man,” Eshel says.

“Now, in this public, I’ll call it… non-Ashkenazi…What gets them worked up? Why do they hate the press?… They hate everything and we’ve succeeded in whipping up that hatred. Hatred is what unites our camp,” Eshel adds.

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