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Haniyyah: We are holding four Israeli soldiers in Gaza and we will force ‘Israel’ to carry out a prisoners exchange

Gaza (QNN)- Ismail Haniyyah, the head of Hamas’ political bureau, said in an interview with Al Jazeera that the resistance movement is capable of forcing ‘Israel’ to be involved in a deal to release Palestinian detainees.

During “The Interview” program on Al Jazeera, Haniyyah promised that the six Gilboa prison breakers will be released in the next prisoners’ exchange.

Haniyyah added that Al Qassam brigades is holding four Israeli soldiers inside Gaza and if ‘Israel’ doesn’t make prisoners exchange, Hamas will “increase yields”.

The head of the prominent resistance movement also said that the resistance had won its latest battle, which was started by ‘Israel’ against Gaza in May 2021. He added that the resistance was able to paralyze the occupation state and Tel Aviv during the 11-day-long battle.

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