Haniyyah: New prisoners’ exchange deal mediated by Egypt

Beirut (QNN)- The Head of Hamas political bureau Ismail Haniyeh said that Egypt is mediating between Hamas and ‘Israel’ to reach a new prisoners’ exchange deal, reported the AA.

During a statement addressing journalists in Beirut on Friday, Haniyeh added that “we welcome Egypt’s role to reach a new [prisoners’] exchange deal and we hope to achieve something in this regard.”

“Our brothers in Egypt are following up on several issues, including the reconciliation, the site, Rafah border crossing, and the prisoners’ exchange”, he added, noting that the relationship between Hamas and Egypt is “strong and stable and Cairo’s role is pivotal in the Palestinian cause.”

Haniyeh did not mention if there is any progress in the prisoners’ exchange issue.

The occupation state, as well as Hamas, had hinted that Hamas has been holding four Israeli soldiers since the latest war on the besieged Gaza strip in 2014.

A delegation from the Egyptian intelligence had left the strip heading to ‘Israeli’ on Friday.

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