Hamas shoots down Israeli drone in Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- The military wing for Hamas , Al Qassam brigades, announced that they shot down an Israeli Quadcopter drone in eastern Rafah in southern Gaza.

“With the help of God, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades took over an Israeli drone in eastern Rafah on the dawn of Tuesday 9/10/2019”, said the brigades in a press statement.

Al Qassam said that the drone was on a special mission. Al Qassam fighters identified the drone’s mission and foiled it.

“It [the drone] was on a special mission inside Gaza, holding thermographic and daylight cameras to carry out its mission but we identified its targets and foiled its mission”, the statement stated.

Quadcopter drones are wireless drones, which are usually allowed for civilian use. However, the occupation state uses it for military purposes like monitoring, taking photos, and throwing tear gas grenades at protesters.

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