Hamas: ‘Israel’s’ crimes lead to explosive situation

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Hamas Palestinian resistance movement said that the Israeli murder of three Palestinians on Saturday night is “a new crime by the occupation state, added to its dark record against the Palestinian people and its land and holy places”.

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said Sunday that “the continued crimes and siege on Gaza will lead to explosive and escalated situation”.

Barhoum stressed that the three young men, who were killed by the Israeli army, are victims of the Israeli injustice siege on the Gaza strip. He also held the occupation state of Israel fully responsible for those crimes and asserted on “the importance of lifting the siege and seizing all forms of violence and crimes by the Israelis against our people, prisoners, and holy places”.

Barhoum stated that the acts, done by Palestinian young men in Gaza, occupied west Bank, occupied Jerusalem, and throughout Palestine is a natural reaction to the Israeli crimes and violations in occupied Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa mosque, and to the demolitions and Israeli terrorism and settlements.

Barhoum confirmed that the angry reactions by Palestinian young men are caused by settlements and Israel’s terrorism, and its continuous crimes and violations.

Israeli soldiers have executed three Palestinian young men in Gaza on Saturday night, claiming that they were trying to infiltrate the separation barrier.

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