Hamas gives ‘Israel’ one week to comply to ceasefire understandings

Gaza (QNN)- Hamas movement gave ‘Israel’ one week to comply to ceasefire understandings, which ‘Israel’ refuses to fulfill, and warned of retaliation if ‘Israel’ continues to escalate.

Member of Hamas political bureau, Fathi Hammad, said during a speech at the Great Return March on Friday “We give the occupation state one week to comply to the ceasefire understandings”. He noted that the “Eaten Straw” war could be launched once again and that Hamas will not stay silent towards what is taking place at the Al Aqsa mosque.

“We say to the mediators in Gaza that we will not tolerate the murder of Mahmoud Al Adham”, he said.

“We have rough methods, which assure that we will never tolerate any breach of the understandings”, he added.

In the same context, ‘Israel’ on Friday activated the Iron Dome in settlements surrounding Gaza in anticipation of any retaliation to the murder of a Hamas member in a strike on Gaza on Thursday.

The Israeli army immediately issued a statement after the strike, which could be understood as an Israeli official apology.

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