Hamas: Germany’s ban of Hams flag is obvious bias towards occupation

Gaza (QNN)- Hamas movement said that the German Parliament’s decision to ban its flags is “an obvious bias by some German parties towards the occupation and its aggressive behavior.”

The spokesperson for the resistance movement, Hazem Qassem, added that the decision is “a continuation of their war on the just Palestinian narrative in favor of the occupation’s lies.”

He added that the decision is shameful and condemned. He also described it as proof that none of those parties recognizes the lawful and just resistance movements, including Hamas.

Qassem also stressed that Hamas will continue its legal fight against occupation. He added that despite such decisions, the Palestinian narrative will continue to thrive.

Germany’s parliament had passed a law outlawing symbols of groups designated as terrorist organizations by the European Union, including Hamas.

The move comes after pro-Palestine rallies during the latest aggression on Gaza, protestors carried Palestine and Hamas flags.

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