Hamas calls on Libyan authorities to release four Palestinian detainees

Gaza (QNN) – Hamas movement denounced in a statement issued by the movement on Monday a Lybian court ruling against four Palestinians living in Lybia.

According to the statement, the Palestinians, who are Marwan Abdul-Qader alAshqar and his son Bara’, Mu’ayyad Jamal Abed and Naseeb Mohammad Shuqair, were guests of Lybia and its leadership and stayed there for educational and work purposes.

The four detainees, coming from the Gaza Strip, have appeared before the Lybian judiciary since 29 September 2017 on the cause number 1318 on the pretext of “harming the security of the country” by forming a cell for Hamas movement in Lybia and planning to transfer sensitive technologies and weapons to the besieged enclave.

The Libyan court, ruled by the commander of the armed forces Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter, sentenced Marwan al-Ashqar to 22 years in jail, and the other three were sentenced to 17 years in jail each, private sources told Quds News Network.

Hamas called on concerned and official authorities in Lybia to urgently intervene to release the four detainees and help them go back to their homes. “Our people have had enough of the injustices of the Israeli occupation that has been dispersing them out of their homeland. It’s an Arab and national duty to offer support to the Palestinian people,” said Hamas in the statement.

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