Hamas and Islamic Jihad deny responsibility for missiles fell in Tel Aviv

Gaza (QNN)- Islamic Jihad information office chief, Dawood Shihab, responded to claims by Israel about being responsible for launching two missiles at the occupied Palestinian territories of 1948.

Shiab told QNN that “such accusations are pure lies and false allegations by the Israelis”. He also stressed that the movement and its military wing did not launch any missiles.

Two missiles were fired on Thursday night from Gaza at “Tel Aviv”. Siren sounded in “Gosh Dan” and “Beit Yam” southern occupied “Tel Aviv”.

In the same context, Hamas military wing, Al Qassam brigades, released a short statement in which it confirmed that “Izz Al Din Al Qassam brigades are not responsible for the missiles, which were fired tonight at the enemy, especially that they were fired at the same time of a meeting for Hamas leaders with an Egyptian security delegation regarding understandings related to Gaza strip.”

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