Gaza’s Islamic Waqf calls patients, elderlies to perform prayers at homes

Gaza (QNN)- The Ministry of Islamic Waqf and Religious Affairs in Gaza announced several directives to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the ministry called patients, elderlies, children, and those with a poor immune system to perform their prayers at homes and to never visit mosques or public toilets.

The ministry also called on worshipers to space out their lines during prayers and bring personal prayer mats.

The statement confirmed that all celebrations and public events in the strip’s mosques will be canceled. The ministry will only organize short lectures that will provide information on the ways to deal with any possible coronavirus outbreak.

It also called on worshipers to sterilize the mosques on a daily basis and spend the shortest possible time in them.

“Prevention is the best way to deal with this epidemic, that could be achieved through quarantine and isolation”, the statement added.

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