Gazans offer their own houses for those who lost theirs in Israeli strikes

Gaza (QNN)- As the Israeli aggression against the Gaza strips enters its third day, Palestinians in besieged enclave started to resist in their own way to defeat the Israeli attacks, which started on Tuesday when Israeli forces targeted the house of IJ leader, killing him, his wife and another passerby and injuring 18 civilians.

A group of activists started a social media campaign, through which they provide houses and medical care for those affected by the Israeli strikes.

Several Palestinians offered their own houses for those, who lost theirs in the Israelis assaults.

In a Facebook post, Hammam Asfa said: “For any family that lost their house, our house is open for you. Our house is yours”.

Mahmoud Abu Wardeh wrote: “Duty called us. A call for those who lost their houses or can’t reach them: There is an available apartment in this building. Anyone, who needs it, is welcome with love and for free. I only intend to support our nation of heroes.”

A doctor called Ahmed Elhattab decided to provide medical care for his people.

“Dear residents of Gaza, especially where I live in Shijaeyyah neighborhood, my clinic is open for any urgency tonight and anytime I’m at home.”

Another doctor, called Lina Abu Eker, also offered her services for free in Khan Younes.

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