‘Freedom’ movement publishes new footage on kidnapped Mossad agents

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Freedom movement on Tuesday published new video footage, in a letter to the Israeli authorities, which had denied that any Israeli Mossad agents were kidnapped abroad.

The footage contains the voice of one of the kidnapped Mossad agents saying that he “doesn’t remember anything anymore”.

Last Friday, An investigation by Al Jazeera channel has revealed that a group, self-identified as “Freedom”, has abducted two Israeli officers while they were on a mission outside the occupation state. The occupation state of Israel has been silent on the abduction.

Al Jazeera’s investigative program “The Hidden is More Immense”, revealed that a group called Freedom abdicated two Israeli Mossad officers, who were on a secret mission abroad.

A video footage broadcasted on Al Jazeera showed David Biri, who worked on secret missions for the settlement foundation of El’ad, and David Ben Rozi, and their passports. According to the investigation, they were abducted in two separate operations and the place where they are held now is not known.

According to the investigation, the kidnappers linked the fate of the two officers to the release of Palestinian detainees.

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