Former Jordanian prisoner in Israeli jail: I had to smuggle my T-shirt so that they don’t confiscate it

Amman (QNN)- Former Jordanian-Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jail, Abdurrahman Mir’i, said Thursday that he had to smuggle a T-shirt, with a printed picture of the Dome of the Rock on it, so that the Israelis do not confiscate it.

Mir’i said in a video footage, in which he appeared wearing the T-shirt, that at the beginning he had to flip the T-shirt inside out and put it under his luggage to hide the print. He succeeded to protect his shirt throughout his arrest and hunger strike.

“When I reached the King Hussein bridge and I was sure that I got into Jordan, I removed my sweater to show off the T-shirt, which I was already wearing under the sweater, and the printed picture of Al Aqsa appeared for the jailers”, Mir’i said.

“A simple problem happened when the jailers ordered me to take it off but I refused. The simplest things would annoy and bother them and they were trying to make it seem like they were doing a favor releasing us although we got out against their will”, he added.

Mir’i (29 years old) was arrested in last September 2 while he was heading to the occupied West Bank to attend a wedding. He had cancer and needs routine check-ups, which were denied along with medications by the Israelis during his arrest.

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