Forcibly disappeared by Egypt: The story of the kidnapped Palestinians

Gaza (QNN)- Thursday early hours, the curtain was officially drawn on the file of the four Palestinians, who were kidnapped and arrested for four years in Egypt jails, and who are also members of Hamas’ military wing.

The announcement of the head of Hamas’ political bureau, Ismael Haniyyeh, on the success of the efforts during his last visit to Cairo, which lasted three weeks, puts an end to the file, which has been highly controversial through the last four years.

The story has begun when Yaser Zannoun, Hussain Al Zibdeh, Abdallah Abu Al Jbeen, and Abd Al Dayem Abu Libdeh disappeared in August 2015, while they were passing from Rafah border crossing.

Witnesses said at the time that masked gunmen kidnapped them in northern Sinai and took them from a bus, which was driving them among other passengers from Rafah border crossing.

The Egyptian authorities have denied their existence and they were forcibly disappeared throughout that time until photos of them were leaked while they were in Lazoghli prison that is shrouded in secrecy.

In August 22, 2016 photos of two of the prisoners were leaked as they were in an investigation ditch in Lazoghli prison in Cairo.

Since the moment of abduction, Hamas declared that it has all information and details about the abduction and that it will continue to work on their fie until they are all released.

The latest release of the kidnapped Palestinians has put the Egyptian authorities in the spot, as they insisted during the last years that they have no official information regarding this issue.

No official comment was made by the Egyptian authorities in the past period, however reliable sources said that Hamas officials were opening the file of the four kidnapped Palestinians whenever they have talks with the Egyptians.

Haniyyeh said on Thursday morning that the results of the recent talks, which he conducted with Egyptian officials few days ago, regarding the file of the four kidnapped Palestinians in Egypt were “the most important (at all)”.

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