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Following anti ICE and IDF protest.. ASU activists speak out about zionist smear campaign

Arizona (QNN)- Arizona State University (ASU) activists community issued on Saturday a statement describing a smear campaign launched by zionist activists against them following the publication of a pro BDS movement piece and protests against ICE and IDF during the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The statement revealed that pro-Israel groups, like Hillel and Chabad in addition to other groups, decried the pro-Palestinian movement as “anti-Semitic” and claimed it was hanging up antisemitic posters in the campus.

“The conflation of supporting Palestinian liberation with anti-Semitism is nothing new”, the statement said. “and has been used since the beginning of Israel’s occupation of Palestine”.

The statement confirmed that it denies the zionists’ claims and that “opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine is not equivalent to the hatred of the Jewish people”.

“We, as the activist community, have consistently fought against Nazism on campus and all forms of oppression against marginalized people- as many of our members come from marginalized communities”, the statement stated.

“It is in the spirit that we oppose both ICE and IDF and mobilize against them under the lawful protection of the Constitution’s First Amendment”, it added.

On Wednesday Nov. 13, large crowds of students forced Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Israeli Occupation Force (IDF) to call off their speaking event.

The movement said that they did not plan to disrupt the event, but to ask the soldiers questions about their crimes against the Palestinian people. However, more students came and joined the protest leading to exceeding maximum occupancy in the room.

The protesters chanted “From Palestine to Mexico, all the Walls Have Got to Go!” and raised Palestine flags.

The protest was organized by ASU clubs Students for Socialism and Students for Justice in Palestine, while the statement was signed by Students for Socialism at ASU, No Mas Muertes at ASU, ME[CHA] de ASU, Multicultural Solidarity Coalition at ASU, Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro, Party for Socialism &Liberation Phoenix, Undocumented Students for Education Equity, Young Democratic Socialists of America at ASU, and Students for Justice in Paestine at ASU.

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