Five steps away from her mother.. “just let me kiss my mom’s hand”

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The sister of the Palestinian prisoner Shurouq Dwayyat from occupied Jerusalem wrote about what happened when she and her family tried to see Shorouq following her court session.

During the court session, according to Shorouq’s sister, Shoruoq and her family kept waving and smiling to each other. Her lawyer told her father that he can ask the Israeli judge to allow them to sit with her for a while, as this court usually allows families to have 15 minutes maximum with their imprisoned children.

The judge approved the request on condition that they meet for 10 minutes only in the presence of members of Israel Prison Service (Shabas).

In preparation for the long-waited meeting, the family got out from the court’s main door while Shorouq left from another door so that only her parents and lawyer get to meet her in an underground room.

When they reached the room, where they were supposed to meet their daughter, they were asked to show their IDs before being allowed to see her.

“My mom has been always thinking of the way how her first meeting [with Shorouq] will be without glass between them, or a phone through which they talk to each other”, Shorouq’s sister wrote. “She will finally touch and hold her for the first time in three years and a half”.

“My mom said: I don’t know what will happen to me when I see and hold her after all of those years”, she added.

But the shock was when the parents came back few minutes later with pale faces. Everyone was asking them: “did you see her? how did you embrace her? how is Shorouq? We left her laughing in the court!”.

What happened is that the Israelis prevented the parents from even touching their daughter although they were only five steps away from her. Shorouq was surrounded by a lot of soldiers.

The mother said: “They ordered her to say hi to us. She said hi and they pulled her away while she was crying. She was begging them: “just allow me to kiss my mom’s hand. just allow me to hug my dad.” but all of that was in vain”.

In the end, they took her away while her mother was trying to raise her morale saying: “be strong, someday I will hug you”.

Shorouq Salah Dwayyat (25 years old), from Sour Baher in occupied Jerusalem, was arrested in October 2015 and sentenced to 16 years in jail.

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