Fifteen Palestinian detainees in Syrian regime jails are missing

Damascus (QNN) – Fifteen Palestinian refugees from the city of Daraa, southern Syria, have been detained by the Syrian regime and their conditions are still unknown, according to a recent report by Work Group for Palestinians in Syria.

The missing fifteen used to live in Muzayrib town, part of Daraa city, where the Palestinian refugees constitute 8500 of its population.

In the report, the Group said that it has documented the names of 234 Palestinian refugees from the Returnees Camp in Homs who are detained by the Syrian regime.

Among those missing is 20-year-old Shadi Mahmoud Deep Mansour who has been missing since January 2016. The family of Mahmoud lost contact with him when he was on his way to Turkey, escaping from the civil war. Sources informed the family that their son is currently arrested by Turkey in the city of Sakarya. The family is demanding international human rights institutions to intervene and help them reach their son.

Since the civil war in Syria started in 2011, the Syrian regime arrested what amounts to 1730 Palestinian refugees whose conditions are still unknown.

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